Good Tuesday morning. We think we have the sound fixed for next week’s worship! Yay! That will help. It is supposed to be cold out so we may have less worshippers in the parking lot. Don’t forget the annual meeting, though.

Still on Revelation 13.

Among the seven heads there is one which has been wounded unto death and which has been restored to life (verse 3) It is that head which is above all to be worshipped (verses 12 and 14); that head is the supreme evil, the supreme enemy of Christ. (Barclay)

Emperor Nero was a horrible man. When he died in 68 CE, people danced in the streets. But, a legend grew that he was not dead, but had gone far away and would return to retake his power. The Romans concocted this idea of his immortality. There was even a fake Nero who tried to rise up to power claiming to be Nero. Christians fused this idea with the idea of an Antichrist. The history of Nero is fascinating if you have more time or desire to look him up. He was evil to the core just as his parents were. He is most notorious for setting fire to Rome just so he could build it up again for his own glory! (But, of course, he blamed the Christians.)

The beast from the sea is the satanic power of Rome. The beast from the land is the organized Caesar worship, and the head, wounded and restored is Nero, the monster of iniquity, expected back again as the incarnation of the devil’s evil. (Barclay)

Review 13: 1-5 for tomorrow.

Blessings on your day,

Pastor Sue