Good Monday morning. February #1. 28 delightful days. Ash Wednesday is coming up on Feb. 17th already! And Valentine’s Day! I hope you got your order in for the scrumptious chicken or ribs. Call the office if you haven’t ordered yet. We even have someone who will deliver if you need it.

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The question that begs to be asked: What was it about the Roman Empire that made the empire and its emperors so utterly satanic to John? It is the fact that the Roman emperors desired to be divine and wanted to be called gods. (There is a long story leading up to that, but more than we need right now) Then, they went so far as to demand worship or be put to death. Many people were grateful for the powerful Roman protection and were happy to worship the emperor. Jews were not in that group!

Caesar worship was a unifying influence and became the keystone of the imperial policy and was compulsory.

Every Roman citizen was required to burn a pinch of incense once a year to the godhead of Ceasar and say: “Caesar is Lord.” Then they got a certificate for having done so! It was an act of political loyalty. Christians refused as Jesus Christ was their Lord. The Roman government regarded them as dangerous revolutionaries and every Christian became an outlaw.

This is the explanation for the second beast, the beast of the land. The first beast is the Roman Empire; the second beast is the organization of Caesar worship. These two beasts would be unleashed on the world and no nation had ever withstood the might of Rome. Christians had no hope–poor, defenseless, without influence, outlaws.

Blessings on your day,

Pastor Sue