Good Saturday morning. Pastor slept in! Very rare for me. I had the best day with Sara and Bea yesterday. BEA must have worn me out. My dream day was to take our bikes to a park with a picnic. We didn’t go far, but picked up a delicious pizza (Mexican Street Corn) from Pizza Luce and rode around Merriam Park in St. Paul. Bea’s best line of the day was, “this is a wish come true. Pizza in a park and riding bikes with grandma.” Oh, my heart nearly burst. Then on my ride home, I had a lovely conversation with Jim Werronen.

He was back from a full day of work in his “Street Life Ministry”. He wanted to thank LLL for the extra money he received. He says he feels so loved and supported by LLL and that we are in this ministry together with him. He feels the love. He said the men that they minister to could really use some socks and underwear, t-shirts and ball caps. They like tube socks and also need stick deodorant. The items don’t need to be brand new, but clean and in good shape.

I would love to see us do a drive and pack up a box of supplies to send to Jim. Who would like to spearhead a project like that?

On another note. President Trump made an announcement that churches are essential. We knew that already! LOL! We will send an e-mail to the congregation soon with our response.

Blessings on your day,

Pastor Sue