Today is just one of those days. I find myself back in the Psalms today, specifically reading Psalm 102. One of my favorite things to do when reading a passage is to read it in several different translations, I really liked reading it from the Message today. This Psalm is a prayer for help from someone pleading to God for an answer to their prayers.

It’s said that when he was dying, St. Augustine asked that the Psalms be hung from the wall facing his bed. As he was dying, he sought the comfort of the Psalms. The Psalms ought to give us courage and confidence as we reflect on our own lives and on the struggles, sins, and “enemies” that afflict us. They teach us to plead without restraint, to hold nothing back as we talk to God.

This Psalmist here is at their loneliest and lowest point, and cries out to God to listen to their pleas and acknowledges that God hears the prayers of the needy – and the words that this Psalmist records will be left as a testimony to future generations. There are times in our lives when we don’t know what to do, except cry out to God, times when there are no easy answers. In those times we know that God can handle our cries, God hears our cries and God will walk with us through the challenges that we face.