Love and Serve Our Neighbors!

At Long Lake Lutheran Church, we are dedicated to serving our neighbors and community with love, compassion, and a deep sense of purpose. Our mission is to spread the joy of salvation through teaching, preaching, and providing sacraments to our congregation and beyond.

In the years since our arrival at Long Lake, we have found ourselves more deeply involved, committed and in love with everything that happens up here in the “corn field”. Pastor Sue has carried on the traditions that brought us here and has steadily added her own personality and vision along with a lot of laughter and love. Thank you, Lord – we’re home!

Margaret McBride

I have been a member of Long Lake Lutheran Church for almost 51 years. 

We have been blessed with many wonderful pastors that have shared their many talents with us. We have had the benefit of parishioners that grew up in the church who have been active members sharing their time and talents for decades. The church has been like a family and has grown and thrived. I have enjoyed being a member and have been involved in choir, teaching Sunday School, confirmation and have been a member of Friends of Ruth and mission quilting. I have had the pleasure of working with dedicated people who work well together and work hard. I am so glad I could raise my boys at Long Lake Lutheran Church. 

Today our church is a flurry of activity with wonderful opportunities for all ages. We are blessed with Pastor Sue who came to us as an intern who hit the ground running and keeps making sure that we are all doing well.  She has worked hard to keep us united and thriving as a congregation successfully, even during the isolation of a pandemic. We continue to be blessed with parishioners who volunteer their time and talents. I am looking forward to our next chapter when we get an assistant for Pastor Sue. I feel at home with our church and enjoy our fellowship. I am proud to be a member.

The youth education programs at Long Lake Lutheran Church have had a positive impact on the lives of many children. Their dedication is truly inspiring.

At Long Lake Lutheran Church, our mission is to spread the joy of salvation by teaching, preaching, and providing sacraments to our congregation and neighbors. Join us in our commitment to love and serve our community!