Costa Rica Adult Mission Trip 2014

The Missions team at Long Lake Lutheran helps determine the schedule for Mission of the Month as well as plans mission trips as they come up.  There is a strong relationship between Long Lake Lutheran and Camp Penuel in Costa Rica.  Many individuals have gone down to the camp on mission trips over the years.  The group also helps individual evangelism trips to Brazil.

The planning team has many ideas they would like to see implemented around the Isanti County area, and they would love to have you join them in their efforts to spread the news about Jesus Christ.  They meet the 1st Sunday of each month at 9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall.
Please contact us with questions or for more information.

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April 2020

Missions Update

Greetings from Flushing, New York! It has been a busy time here in New York since the outbreak of COVID-19. Our ministry has had to adapt in order to keep serving and bringing the gospel and the love of God to the people. Through an amazing donation by Samaritans Purse and CRU we received about 650 hygiene kits to hand out to those in need. These kits included: 2 rolls of toilet paper, wash cloth, five razors, five toothbrushes, two bars of soap, two bottles of shampoo, comb, laundry bar soap, travel soap container, and feminine products. We’ve been handing these kits out to the poor and homeless at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan twice a week now instead of one day a week along with fruits, clothing, soup, hot chocolate, and juice.

Since we’ve been unable to do our normal prayer stations 2-3 days a month and our massage parlor outreaches twice a month we have been handing out the hygiene kits, rice , beans, gospels of John in Spanish, a Jesus movie DVD, tuna / chicken salad kits and even carrots to the day laborers the gather near hear looking for work. The joy and the gratefulness on their faces is priceless, we are doing this several times a week. This week we received 35 boxes of fresh food that came from the Mennonite’s and have passed out that food as well. It’s amazing to see God’s provision in all of this! As the food and supplies go out God has been resupplying us to give out again!